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LittleBits Unveil The Ultimate Inventors Box For $200

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LittleBits Unveil The Ultimate Inventors Box

Littlebits the company behind the modular electronic kits that use small easy-to-use components that snap together with magnets to create instant circuits, without the need to use any soldering irons.

Have this week unveiled a new addition to their range of box sets with the launch of the Gizmos & Gadgets Kit that is being marketed as the ultimate inventors pack.

LittleBits Unveil The Ultimate Inventors Box

Priced at $200 the Littlebits Gizmos & Gadgets Kit is packed with everything you need to create a huge variety of different projects and spark the imagination of children while they build their skills in maths, art, science and technology, says Littlebits. The company also provides a library of projects that has over 60 modules with more being continually added.

Every module works with every other in millions of combinations, you’ll never run out of things to make. Grow your library and expand your creative possibilities.

For more information on the new Littlebits kit and what can be built using it jump over to the Littlebits website for details via the link below.