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Nintendo Miiverse site gets more social features

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miiverseMany people complain that Nintendo isn’t doing enough to make their online community more social. It seems like the company is always behind the social curve. Well, the MiiVerse website is all about bringing Nintendo’s online community together, but it is far from perfect. In fact, up until today, the virtual hub was missing features that could have made it even more useful for users. It should be better now though.

Thankfully, Nintendo has listened to what the fans want and they have revamped the site again. Hopefully users will like all of the new features that they are adding to the site.

One cool change is that now you can see what’s trending on MiiVerse. You can also get a quick glimpse at how other players across the network are doing on their games through the Play Journal feed. These seem like things that should have been there already, but we guess it’s better late than never. I’m sure this isn’t the last time they will be adding features that are missing. This should please Nintendo fans, who can now enjoy those new improvements. If you have never visited it, you can check out the new site at