Cafe Style Speed Training to arrive in Indian classrooms

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Cafe Style Speed Training to arrive in Indian classroomsMumbai: Paathshala learning solutions, a company engaged in promoting education, has announced success of their first phase of using ‘Cafe Style Speed Training’, adopted by the corporates, for school students in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India.

Implemented in Muzaffarpur, Ranchi and Ghaziabad, the first phase has already reached out to 3000 school children, according to a release issued by the education company here.

“The team now is looking to expand to 120 other smaller tier 2 and 3 cities such as Noida, Patna, Meerut, Kharagpur, Nagpur, Udaipur and more to reach out to 20 Lakh Students, the release issued here today said.

In India, the ‘Cafe Style Speed Training’ is being implemented in corporate life by names like Deutsche Bank, Infosys and SBI, it said.

The training programme is devised by Fi Haywood, the founder of the Caf? Style Speed Training, jointly with Rajib Chowdhury ? the founder of Paathshala.

The release quoted founder of Cafe Style Speed Training Fi Haywood saying, “I am amazed at the results that this training is giving and the way it is consistently delivering faster results than traditional educational and training methods.”

Poonam Dhawan, a teacher at St Xavier’s School, Ramna, said Paathshala has taken an initiative to inculcate the lost moral values in students. It is a ‘Values and Behaviours Training Program’.

“Paathshala is an activity based programme in which children do not feel they are being forced to be disciplined. They get involved in the activities and in the course of time evolve as better human beings,” she said.

Rajib Chowdhury of Pathshala said, “schools in India face similar challenges as corporates. They need to ‘transform’ children’s attitude, behaviour and skill, without eating into operational teaching time.

Paathshala Learning Solutions, an education company founded by corporate professionals, has multiple education platforms ? SeTU for school children, Yogya for college kids, Acharya for teachers, the release added.