Crack JEE at the first chance without cracking up your mental health

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We keep hearing about the Joint Entrance Examination, or the JEE ever since we enter school and have no idea what examinations are. To clear the JEE and come out with flying colors, a student needs to know that not everything they know about the Exam is true, and not everything they need to know have ever been told. So, here is how to actually go about the preparations for JEE.

Busting some myths

The Joint Entrance Exam end up becoming a major nightmare for students because parents keep emphasizing just two things from the beginning of a child’s career:

  • The importance of the exam.
  • The thin chances of getting a good ranking with it.

To debunk these two myths, only two things need to be said. Firstly, it is not the only career option you can have. Hence, you do not need to stress that badly over it. If you don’t stress, you will use that time to actually prepare so that you don’t have to look at other options.

Secondly, it is not rocket science. Many would like to portray the JEE as an exam only the bright ones can crack. The truth is, you don’t need to worry about not being the “cream” of the milk in a pool of students. Yes, all of us have heard that a gazillion times, that we have to be the ‘cream’. What should that even mean? In reality, the JEE Exam is just another exam that needs preparation, dedication, and hard work. It does not need Einstein’s I.Q.

Know what you need to

By now you already know the two most important things you need to. Trust it no matter how many times you hear otherwise. However, you need to be sincere and focused because every year lakhs of students appear for the JEE Main. In 2015, there were 13.03 lakhs.Therefore, you do need to know exactly what to do in order to secure a position for yourself.

The ‘To Do’ list includes some ‘To NEVER Do’ things and once again, you will read things that are totally contradictory to what you have heard so far about JEE:

  • Join a famous coaching center: If it is a sort of placebo that makes you feel secure and you can easily afford the kind of money it costs, go for it. But if you are going to bank on the syllabus of these centers and follow everything they say, a good ranking is not guaranteed.
  • Mock tests: You do need to take the mock tests wherever they are being conducted, and keep a track of the type of questions asked. For this you need to prepare with thorough studying and understanding of your subject and the mock test will guide you to what you are missing.
  • Private tutors: It is better to do some research and go for a private tutor who would be helpful with the syllabus and way to go about the exams and all such JEE details instead of spending around a lac on the programmed coaching centers which advertise themselves with posters on every corner of the main streets.
  • Stress: This is the biggest NO in the list. You need to keep your calm in order to perform. It is a good idea to follow some yoga or home remedy routines for that. You can take some low doze homeopathic medicines a month prior to the exams if you happen to have anxiety issues.

Basically, you do not need to spend a lac or more on the preparations, and you do not need to mess up your mental health for an exam that you can crack with a good ranking without all the trouble.