All about The History of Coffee and Espresso

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A large percentage of the population of the world loves to drink both gourmet coffee as well as the espresso drinks. We all are aware of the fact that coffee satisfies our taste buds, but the espresso also provides a boost of energy to your body. Besides this, it also warms your body on those cold days of winter. Most people who are regular coffee drinkers, however, do not posses much knowledge about the history of the coffee or the espresso machine. If these machines weren’t there, then we wouldn’t probably be seeing such a large population across the globe which could easily and affordably prepare the common drink known as coffee.


History of Coffee Beans

Since the days of the early Egyptians, coffee has been a staple as well as a necessary beverage for many people. Though the Coffee bean finds its origin in Africa, but it quickly spread to neighboring countries, like Arabia along with Egypt. Besides this, the very first method of preparing beans was to roast the beans on open fire, after which they were added to the boiling water to become ready for consumption.

In those early days, coffee was considered as a type of wine. It was also used for barter and trade purposes. It was fermented just as the grapes. It was a source of energy and warmth for most of the people while others had it for they loved its taste.

How did Coffee-Making Machine Came Up?

A man whose name was Mr. Laurens developed the first coffee-making machine in the year 1818. This machine was constantly modified by coffee drinkers as the years moved on. The coffee machine in actuality was a product which had as many patents by women as by men, which was practically unheard of during that time. As the years passed, the coffee-making machine became a reliable, dependable as well as an easy-to-use product.

In the decade of 1960’s, the first ever filter machine was invented. Coffee making machines were earlier touted as the crude looking inventions, but since then they have evolved into many different styles. It is now made by a number of manufacturers, out of which some of the popular ones include: Braun, Senseo, Kitchenaid, Krups and Pod.

From Where Did the Espresso Machine Came?

The espresso drink was discovered by a goat herder and then further developed by a tired and a hungry traveler as the old fables go. The espresso drink has provided many with the extra energy. According to the fable, the goat herder noticed the goats acting as if they had an extreme boost of energy suddenly. As he went on to search for his heard, he found them snacking on a red berry which was growing from shrubs. He became curious and ate a berry himself. He felt as if he suddenly gained energy after it. During the same time, a tired and hungry traveler witnessed the shrubs and jumped at them to satisfy his hunger. He felt the same like the herder and the goats. He then took some berries and started adding them to drinks thereafter. People in his hometown also found the drink seemed to be a good source of energy. And the idea of an espresso maker started off from there


The first espresso maker was originated in Italy in the year 1901. It was manufactured by an Italian manufacturing company owner, whose name was Lugia Bezzer. He wanted to find a way through which he could speed up the coffee breaks of his employees. He figured out a way that if pressure was applied in the process of brewing process, then the drink could be made in very little time. The espresso machine was then nicknamed as “The fast coffee machine”. Its patent was sold in the year 1905. It’s new owner, Desidero Pavoni developed an espresso machine which started using a piston pump in order to force the water through a tube and then into the coffee.

Modifications which took place in the Espresso Machine

Modifications on the espresso machine were made continuously as the years passed, but they were then halted with the onset of the World War II. But its production picked up after the war was over. In the year 1946, the first commercial espresso machine was created. And since then, many different brands started making the espresso maker. These brands include Juda, Mr.Coffee, Kitchenaid and Braun. They now offer various features, styles, colors and come at different prices. And hence we can say that the espresso machine has come a long way from where it began.

Final Say

This is how the coffee beans came to the fore and the espresso machines were invented. These are now one of the most important things in our household as they satisfy our taste buds and soothe our souls by providing some rich tasting espresso.