Get in shape the trouble free way with Ultimate BP Joist

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Many people are on the lookout for good pull up bar but are very often confused about which one to buy. Numerous reviews of various brands on online shopping sites puzzle them further more. However, there is one name in the category of exercise equipments which is immensely popular and a favorite of many. Credibility and goodwill is associated with the brand. It is of course, none other than the Ultimate BP Joist. Many athletes, body builders, gym instructors and health conscious people have benefited from using it and vouch for the Ultimate BP Joist.

  • Attractive appearance: The product is extremely appealing to the eyes. It has a nice dark metallic gray coated finish. Unlike the many other pull up bars, Ultimate BP Joist has excellent finishing.
  • Easy installation: the Ultimate BP Joint is extremely easy to install and it takes only around 20 minutes to set it up by drilling some holes and hanging the bar. The manual which is provided has clear and simple instructions on how to install the product without any complexity.
  • Convenient: it does not take up any floor space like the doorway bars. It can easily be set up in the living room, basements or garages. Movements and elbow positioning does not have to be compromised with this pull up bar.
  • Excellent features: two options of Ultimate BP Joist are available in the market. One with a 26’’ width between the parallel bars and the other with 19’’ width between bars. This gives customers the opportunity to choose a pull-up bar which is the most suitable to him/her depending upon the body size.

The position of the mounting bolts strengthens the center of the bar and prevents it from bending. This pull up bar has numerous padded foam grips with knurled steel grips below, which provide a firm grip and ensures that your hands do not slip resulting in any kind of injury. It also helps to maintain grip strength for exercising for long durations. The mounted bar does not screw into the bottom of the joist, but hangs from bolts at the joist’s side. This ensures safety as the body weight is on the joist itself, rather than the screw threads.

  • Impressive quality: the equipment is made of steel and is very sturdy and durable. It has a weight capacity of 350 lb. The bar consists of two halves that join in the middle. However, the two halves overlap nicely and do not compromise with the hardiness of the product. It is a much better alternative to doorway bars which are not long lasting. The metals used for the rods, nuts and bolts, are of top quality.
  • Variety of exercises: a range of exercises like chin ups, grip pull ups, neutral grip pull ups, hanging twists, back hang, knee lift (hanging), leg raise and many more can be performed by using this product.

Ultimate BP Joist is the ultimate choice in pull-up bars and final word in stability and flexibility. It does a great job in shaping you up, toning your body and helps you in getting rid of your back pains. The price is competitive with other brands in the same category and will not hurt your pockets. This equipment has been the greatest addition to my home gym and one of my best buys. Customers who have used it have always been found to be highly satisfied with the features and functions of the Ultimate BP Joist and would recommend this product to all those who are looking for a reliable, handy and cost effective pull-up bar.