The Best Patties for Burgers

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Burgers have become synonymous with fast food and popular all over the world.Which child can resist one? Have you felt like eating one yourself, but thoughtthat it may not be healthy?Instead of eating burgers with unhealthy additives from fast food restaurants, you can make them yourself at home. You can be sure of quality and it’s easy to make too!

Burgers Galore!

The best burger patties can be made only from fresh meat. You can go ahead and create a tasty beauty with chicken when you purchase it at Licious which is an online store where you can buy raw chicken online. We’ll deliver in just 90 minutes! Mince the chicken, or better still, buy minced chicken; put in the herbs, some ginger garlic, paste a few tomatoes shape them into patties and cook. You can choose healthy cooking oils and your home made patties will be free of preservatives.Serve between buns and watch as your family savours their dinner!

Lamb Patties

If you love your lamb and want to make some patties, you can find it at Licious. Buy lamb meat online and enjoy making your own patty.It is simple, as the meat is fresh and minced. While making your patties, it is better that you let the meat be the star retaining its natural earthy flavour. Add parsley,cheese, beaten eggswith ginger garlic paste along with a bit of saffron in milk,and tomatoes. Cook it in the oven and voila! You have made yourself a tasty Italian hamburger from heaven.All you need to do now is to enjoy the compliments you will get from your friends and family.

Looking for fish?

Well, if you are thinking “where can I buy fresh fish?”, your search ends at Licious.We provide the best and freshest catch you always wanted. It could be just to fry it or to prepare a delicious fish burger with the recipe you got from your grandmother.The fish is evenly sliced and the head and tail are not lost. They come intact with the cut fish.

Once you get your fish, all you need is to let your cooking skills take over to get happy smiles for you and your family.

At Licious the high quality of lamb meat, juicy chicken meat and fresh fish is always assured. Your order will be delivered in 90 minutes and then you can get cracking!