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5 Biggest Cyber Threats to Watch for in 2016

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Cyber crimes are on the rise. As the criminals become smarter by the day, we consumers need to remain one step ahead, to avoid becoming an unsuspecting victim to such cyber crimes. In the quest for power, no one is spared the wrath; companies and individuals alike are facing a risk, when it comes to security breaches. Damages are inflicted by expert hackers, who can wipe millions and millions of data files, within a few seconds.

As per PWC’s Global State of Information Security survey, it was found that there has been an increase of about 38% security breaches in 2015 itself. In order to tackle the situation, most of the companies have started hiring Chief Information Security Officers and Chief Security Officers to protect themselves against any valuable data theft situations.

What emerge as the top 5 cyber threats, which everyone should watch out for in the year 2016? Let’s take a quick look.

Cloud Services

The word Cloud Services is used numerous times while referring to data and its storage. However, the point to be noted is, how safe is Cloud Storage? There are close to 69% businesses currently, which employ the services of Cloud based companies, to ensure their data is protected at all times.

While Cloud Services help create an excellent storage device, propel data speed, and lower transaction costs, there is no silver lining to this Cloud unfortunately. As there is so much data available in one location (the Cloud), why would hackers even bother going to a physical location to cause a security breach?

Mobile Devices

Technology has enabled everyone to be able to afford a smartphone, which puts personal data on the line. More than 43% of the people in US are enrolled in BYOD, which makes the security breach a piece of cake. Mobile platforms are the preferred choice of the people of today; right from servicing to surfing to conducting business, a smart phone is the answer to everyone’s daily needs.

Planning to let your employees configure sensitive data on their personal phones? Think again! Keep your phone protected at all times.

Phishing attacks

Phishing is not a new entrant in the world of scamming and cyber threats. Mails are sent to individuals, requesting personal information. These mails look like they have been sent from legitimate sources; this email cleverly asks the receiver to enter personal information, which can later be used against the victim. Such is the extent of cyber threats.


Like its counterpart, malware also has been around for some time now. Malware, or malicious software, can take the form of a virus or a program, which conceals harmful code. This virus or code, when unleashed into the system, can eat away into your personal records as well as transmit data without your prior knowledge. Always make sure you have an antivirus software or malware remover, to keep your system up and running.Free software like Bitdefender Free Antivirus helps ensure your computer is always kept safe from prying eyes with minimal impact on resources and no money spent.


The variations in cyber threats will not cease to amaze you. CryptoWallis a form of ransomware, which are unleashed into a victim’s computer. The person infecting the computer doesn’t release the OS ofthecomputerstill the time the ransomis notpaid.However, the best way to prevent such a mishap is to ensure your IT department always has a backup of the files stored on your system, so that you can be up and running, without having to shell out a penny.