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Make a healthy lifestyle for your employees

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Most people spend up to a third of their lives at work, whether in an office or other professional environment. It’s crucial, therefore, that employees be protected and that safety procedures are carefully followed in any work place environment. By encouraging a healthy lifestyle for your employees, looking out for and minimizing dangers in your space, and seeking professional help for any larger concerns, you can make your office a safe, secure, and healthful space for your employees to spend their time.

First, your employees should be educated and encouraged to follow a healthy lifestyle, both in the office and at home. Smoking should be discouraged, and smoking cessation opportunities should be presented to any employees that may still smoke. Healthy food and beverages should be offered at all times, with an emphasis on whole fruits and vegetables, fresh water, and other low calorie and low sugar snacks. Alternative forms of transportation, including biking and walking to work, should be encouraged as well. Keeping an overall healthy lifestyle will keep work place accidents and illnesses to a minimum.

Next, look out for potential dangers in your office and get them fixed immediately. Simple things, like a carpet with too deep shag or a loose strings, can cause avoidable and terrible accidents. Make sure that ladders are used correctly, and that safety gear is worn in all dangerous areas. Provide ergonomic chairs, desks, and keyboards, which will prevent painful cases of carpal tunnel syndrome. Ask your employees about any allergies they may suffer from, and remove those allergens whenever possible. Good safety practices should be reviewed regularly, and practice fire, earthquake, and medical drills should be done until all employees are confident in their understanding of emergency procedures.

Finally, consider hiring professionals to provide further safety support for your office. Ask a safety inspector to review your work place, and enlist a fire marshal for advice on improving your fire safety plan. For concerns about electromagnetic and radio fields, consider a test done with a radio frequency meter, such as those provided by Safe Living Technologies Inc. While it is tempting to make all of the changes yourself, enlist the wisdom of experts to truly improve your office safety.

For your employees, staff, and customers, office place safety is a necessity. You can prevent many office accidents by planning ahead of time, encouraging healthy behavior, and seeking help from qualified experts.