Top 5 Career opportunities after doing MBA

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Whether you are a student of information technology or a business professional who works in a multi-national company, you would always want to add a MBA degree to your academic credentials. The main reason behind this is the glitz and prestige that is associated with an MBA degree. While everyone runs blindly to get a MBA degree, not many people are aware about the various career opportunities that will be available for them once they do MBA from the  Best MBA University in Delhi  or other parts of India.

Here are the top 5 career opportunities which opens up for MBA graduates.


  1. Jobs in banking and finance sector

MBA graduates are perfect fits for portfolio management and security and investment analysis jobs. These jobs are usually available at financial institutions like banks, insurance companies, or security firms, and need professionals who can make right choices about financial matters, especially investments.

Apart from this, MBA graduates have a huge scope of jobs in the banking sector as well.  Many private banks look for MBA graduates for transaction banking, corporate banking, commercial banking, liability management, credit risk analysis, and compliance checks. The banks prefer MBA graduates as they are better skilled to handle the intricacies and challenges that are associated with these roles.

  1. Information System Management

This is a career opportunity which is more viable for people who do MBA in information systems. The primary role of this job is to oversee the computer systems of organizations. While it may sound like working as a computer technician but the role has a higher niche and demands much more responsibility than the service technicians. The main role of IT managers is to ensure that the computer systems of the company meet the business requirements, and are updated with the latest technology. One of the lookouts of the IT managers is also to ensure that the computer systems of the organization are secure.

  1. Human Resource management

There is hardly any company that does not need HR managers who are holding MBA degrees. HR managers with MBA are given the responsibilities to handle the recruitment, employee life cycle management, performance management, and various administrative actions that are required to manage the human resource pool of the company. The most preferred candidates for these jobs are MBA graduates who have done their specialization in HR.

  1. Management Consulting

The role of management consultants is to solve various issues of the organization by deploying various problem solving methods and new concepts of management. Apart from problem solving, the management consultants are also responsible for recommending improvement measures to the companies on factors like cost, headcount, finances, and brand management. While many companies hire management consultants on their rolls, quite a good number of management consultants are actually self-employed and work as freelancers.

  1. Entrepreneurship

Last but not the least, MBA graduates can start a business of their own and run it successfully. The MBA courses which are offered by the MBA colleges in Delhi NCR and other major cities of India equip an individual with the knowledge and skills to launch a business of their own and run it successfully.