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What do you need to know to avoid Plumbing Issues at home?

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Why is it Important to know about Home Plumbing?

Plumbing issues can be as simple as leaking water tap, and they can be as complicated as leaking toilet or a leaking sewage pipe. Issues like cloggedtoilet are unexpected, and you may be afraid of such issues; especially if you have experienced any such horrible incidences in your home.

Well, the idea is not to frighten you more, but to let you know that you can avoid such awkward situations and problems in future if you follow these simple rules and take a few preventive measures. Hope this article helps you avoid or fix plumbing emergencies.


Thorough Inspection of your Home:

Every product used in the construction of a building or a house has a certainlifespan. For example, brass pipes can last for one hundred years, copper pipes can last for 70 to 80 years, and PVC pipes may last for only 30+ years. It is important to inspect and identify the kind of pipes and other materials used in your home for plumbing work. If you know this, you can be prepared to replace pipes after the expected lifespan is over, or you can start regular maintenance to make sure you are aware, which pipes are still in good condition and which need replacement. Having a detailed report about your plumbing system status is important.

Getting rid of the Hazardous Materials:

About a couple of decades earlier there were two materials used for making pipes: Lead and Polybutylene. As everyone is aware today, lead is a poisonous metal and it can contaminate your drinking water creating risk for your health, and it must be replaced as soon as possible! Polybutylene was a cheap alternative used earlier, and it can break and leak anytime, and it’s better to replace such pipes before they break unexpectedly.

Replacing rusted pipes:

Rusted pipes is a common problem, especially when you keep your home locked for months and then start using it again.Simple way to identify rusty pipes problem is brown, yellow or reddish water in the tub or basin. In case, you see such water; it is time to get rid of few pipes which are already rusted and may start leaking anytime soon.

Combine with Renovation or Remodelling:

If you decide to remodel your kitchen or renovate the entire house and give it a completely new look, it is a good idea to check your plumbing system in that particular room. If you buy a new home and decide to remodel it before you start living there, that is the perfect time to check the plumbing system and make sure everything is good for another 20-25 years at least. You are not going to remodel the house very often!

Considering the Best material:

While carrying out home improvements, you may decide that using copper pipes is the best thing, but when you look at the estimates, you think that’s too high of a price! In that case, using Polyethylene Tubing known as PEX pipes is a good idea. They are economical, long lasting and flexible. Best does not have to be the costliest material every time.

Signs of Leaks are a Warning!

If you see leakage signs, signs of corrosion and fading colors in corners; it is a warning sign that somewhere in the concealed pipes, there is a leakage and it can turn into a nightmare someday. You need to check for fixture failure as well. Also, as most pipes in the home are of same age, it also means that another leak is possible soon at other places also. It is time to inspect and change old pipes and stop leakages and take care of potential leakages also. It will cost less than repair of damaged walls, carpets, and flooring.

Contract a Good Plumber:

Finding a good plumber or a plumbing company thatprovideguarantee of their work is important. If a person or a company provides you with material and charge a reasonable cost you should hire them and ask to undertake routine maintenance and emergencies.


Identify Water Leakage:

It is easy to identify sewage water leakage with water color change and specifically around the toilet, but drinking water leaks are a bit more difficult to identify, especially if the leak is not directly affecting any corners of your home. If there is a sudden increase in the water bill, it may be an indication that there is an unknown water leak in the house. It is time to detect leakages and repair them. Checking your home at regular intervals is also important, that way you will be able to detect leakage signs.

Avoid Clogging:

Throwing food leftovers in the household pipes is a bad idea. There are many instances of food clogging the pipes, and it is advisable to throw them in the trash. Simple change of habits is required to take care of the plumbing system in your home and make sure it works as effectively as it can. The same thing applies to all other pipes and helpsavoid clogging them throughout the system in your home.


You may not know all the details about the plumbing system and pipes in your home, and it is a good idea to understand the entire system through inspection. Get an inspection report and make sure to plan pro-active replacements in future. You should be vigilant for the signs of leakage and rusting and should act fast to make sure you are not facing more unexpected problems.


Plumbing issues can lead to disastrous results, especially if you face them at night and have no clue of how to handle them. If no emergency service is available in the odd hours, you should be aware of some simple rules to handle such situations and take some precautions as well.