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Satisfying the Terms of Your Court Sentence

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When you are convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you may receive a stringent sentence that could involve jail time, a steep monetary fine, reeducation, or a combination of all three.  After you have satisfied the terms of your jail sentence and monetary fine, you may then focus on how you can complete the classwork mandated by the judge.  Rather than enroll in a time consuming and costly on-campus class, you can take post-sentencing instruction, counseling or therapy courses, or a qualifying DWI education program online.

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Selecting the Topics that Pertain to Your Case

If the judge did not stipulate what kind of class you must take, you may choose from any of the available options on the website.  The variety of classes are found on the organization’s website so you can select the topics that best pertain to the nature of your case.

For example, if you are a minor who was caught, arrested for, and convicted of underage drinking, you might select the box for Minor in Possession.  This class will teach you about the dangers of drinking and driving regardless of what age you are but especially when you are still a minor.

Likewise, if you have never before been arrested for or convicted of DUI, you may not need to go through the same level of instruction mandated for repeat offenders.  Instead, you may benefit by taking a class for first time DUI convicts.  The course may compel you to avoid committing this crime again.

Depending on the nature of your case as well as the court system overseeing your sentence, you may be able to pay very little or even nothing for the courses you must take.  You can follow the instructions on the website to receive free or discounted tuition for the courses.

Proof of Completion

After you take the course that the court mandated for you, you may wonder how you can prove to the judge that you have satisfied the terms of that part of your sentencing.  The organization provides that completion of the course for you.

You can have it sent directly to you or to the judge or attorney working your case.  The proof is included with the tuition and costs for the classes.

Judges hand down strict sentencing for DWI offenders.  You can satisfy the terms of your punishment by taking online classes today.