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Crystal display evolution

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Crystals and other semi precious stones have been a subject of fascination since the ancient world and they have seen a revival today. The ancient memory of crystals as items of power was remembered in our own folk and fairy tales. Today, New Age crystals are still being used for a variety of spiritual purposes.

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Crystal Energy

It is a scientific fact that some stones, such as quartz crystal, maintain their own internal vibration. In fact, quartz crystal’s vibration is so reliable that it was used to calibrate watches to keep accurate time; this is why you will still see the word “quartz” on some watches today. It is believed that other crystals and stones carry their own unique vibration, as well. Different crystals and stones are believed to carry different vibrations that correspond with different intentions.

Crystals and Magic

The image of a crystal at the end of a magic wand, on the head of a wizard’s staff, or the fortune teller’s crystal ball are all cultural memories of the knowledge that crystals hold power. It is believed that through conscious intention, the person handling the crystal can focus their energy with the stone’s own properties.

Crystals and Divination

As mentioned, crystals are associated with the fortune teller most famously with the crystal ball. The crystal ball uses the energy of a crystal to work as a scrying device, (scrying is the act of looking into a reflective surface to receive messages from the supernatural). Longer shaped crystals with a natural or filed point at the tip can be attached to string to be used as a pendulum for divination. Additionally, crystals and stones are very popular materials for making rune sets. Casting the runes to receive guidance from the beyond has a very ancient tradition.

Crystals and Healing

Because of all of these attributes, crystals are frequently used by modern alternative spiritual healers. When used in conjunction with other forms of treatment, many people believe that crystals can aid in healing by amplifying the energy of the healer and sending a positive vibration that the patient’s body responds to.

Placing crystals around your home is thought to bring positive energy into your home. They are beautiful creations of nature and fun to collect!