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Different Types Of Purses Every Woman Should Own

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A purse is the ultimate accessory for any woman. Regardless of its size, color, style, material, fabric or silhouette, a purse offers a functional and stylish way to carry all of the essentials every woman needs to have on hand throughout her day. Women gravitate towards certain types of bags for a variety of reasons: function, affordability, trend and comfort. A woman’s favorite type of bag will vary greatly depending on her lifestyle, personality, style aesthetic and preferred carry type. Here are a few versatile purses that every woman should own in her closet.

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The classic tote bag is arguably the best type of carryall bag. A tote is a great day-into-night bag. It can carry documents and office essentials, gym clothes for an after-work sweat session and spare clothes for changing into after the gym for cocktails with friends. A large tote bag is also a versatile and more stylish alternative to a diaper bag for new moms. Totes can also house smaller bags, wallets and clutches. If you are heading to the beach, a large tote bag is a stylish and comfortable way to carry water bottles, a change of clothes, a towel, snacks, sandals, money, sunscreen and other beach essentials. A large tote bag is also handy to have on hand if you will be heading to a co-op, flea market or farmer’s market for the day.

Gun concealment purses are an essential bag for any woman carrying a weapon for business or personal use. Concealment bags are very discreet and look like stylish everyday bags, but they often feature locks, reinforced pockets and other safety features that protect weapons and prevent them from being taken from the bag.

Crossbody bags and clutches are also essential for every woman. A crossbody bag does not have to be carried or held, so it is the perfect hands-free bag for casual outings, hikes, shopping excursions or vacations. Clutches hold all of your must-have essentials during fancy date nights or formal community events. Whether you like carrying everything but the kitchen sink or prefer only the essentials, handbags are a staple accessory for every woman.