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3 Primary Uses of a Silicon Wafer

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When it comes to silicon, there are almost too many industrial grade uses to count. This material impacts our lives in ways that we should be forever grateful for. At the same time, it is helpful to understand how silicon works and in what types of equipment it can prove to be useful. This will help out in the sourcing of silicon wafer suppliers as well. With that in mind, let us examine three of the primary uses for a silicon wafer.

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You will find that most of the MEMS devices that are in use today necessitate at least one type of a standard electronic chip. This is necessary in order to increase the signal processing capability of the device in question. In addition, electronic chips are beneficial in order to increase the logic capabilities of the device itself. As chips become more advanced, so does the capabilities of the electronic device. Silicon wafers are the primary material that is used in the creation of electronic devices of all types. You will find silicon is virtually every type of MEMS device, even if it is in a third party chip. You will also find silicon wafers in a component or processor that has been custom designed.


A variety of sensors have been developed that are entirely based on silicon. These are useful for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. Some of these applications include sensing temperature, acting as a sensor or accelerometer for inertia purposes, acting as a chemical sensor, performing mass flow sensor operations, and becoming a pressure sensor. There are other capabilities here as well.


It should also be noted that most microstructures of a functional nature are comprised of polycrystalline silicon. This particular type of silicon contains the perfect blend of properties that can be used in micro-devices. It has also resulted in the development of various approaches that allow microactuators to be created.

As you look for a supplier of your silicon wafers, remember how important the source is. You need a company that is reliable and one you can depend on. This will result in the availability of a steady supply for your manufacturing needs.