How Is a Montessori School Different?

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Your child’s education is essential, and you want to be sure you give him all the fundamental tools he’ll need to succeed. Perhaps you just moved into a new area and are looking for the best options to fit his needs. Montessori schools have been around for decades, but you never really knew what set them apart. What is so different about a Montessori school than traditional preschools and elementary schools?

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1. No Curriculum

Montessori schools were founded on the belief that children will know what they like to do. Trying to make all children fit into a particular mold and learn specific tasks, skills and methods the same way as everyone else only sets them up to lose innate qualities. Therefore, Montessori schools like sammamish private schools do not haveĀ formal curriculums or rigid structures. While they do teach everything your child needs to grow and thrive, they do it through other methods.

2. Teach Through Natural Interests

The most popular process used by Montessori schools involves teaching through a child’s natural interests. For example, if your son loves science and exploration, he would be encouraged to look around outside, pick things up and question. Learning by doing is also another way to think about this type of teaching style. Harnassing a child’s natural inclination towards one thing or another is a way to ensure they succeed now and in the future. 

3. Children Are Not Separated by Age

Group learning and peer-to-peer teaching are two more methods that set Montessori schools apart. There are no classrooms by grade or age, just groups usually by interest. This allows for more team building and collaborative work throughout the ages. The older children help the younger children in the group, thereby passing on their knowledge to a younger audience.

Montessori schools offer a different take on teaching kids. While it does not cater to traditional ideas of education, it does educate them nonetheless.