Microsoft’s Chromium-Powered Edge Browser Revealed, Leaked Build Pops Up Online

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Microsoft’s Chromium-Powered Edge Browser Revealed, Leaked Build Pops Up Online

Photo Credit: The Verge/ Tom Warren

The first look of Microsoft’s Edge browser that the software giant is rebuilding on Google’s open-source Web browser Chromium shows new re-touches, animations and a read-aloud accessibility option, media has reported.

“Most of the user interface of the browser is a mix of Chrome and Edge, and Microsoft has clearly tried to add its own little touches here and there,” The Verge reported on Saturday.

The setup screen prompts users to choose a style for the default tab page before they start browsing.

“When you first install the Chromium version of Edge, Microsoft will prompt you to import favourites, passwords, and browsing history from Chrome or Edge depending on your default choices,” the reportsaid.

On the new browser, the software giant has added a dedicated extensions page and sync support for approved extensions.

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Photo Credit: The Verge/ Tom Warren

“You’ll also be able to install Chrome extensions from Google’s online store by just flipping a switch in the extensions settings. Currently testers can sync favourites, but not settings, history, extensions, open tabs, passwords and auto-fill information,” the report said.

From what is known, Microsoft is yet to the “set aside tabs” and “Web writing with stylus” features. Dark mode has been added but it is only available via a testing flag.

Details about the public availability of this new version of Edge remains undisclosed.

Meanwhile, the Chromium-powered version of the Edge browser has leaked online. The download links for the browser have been shared on the file-sharing websites as well as several beta sharing websites. The leaked version seems to be an early version of the Web browser.