Opera Launches ‘World’s First Gaming Browser’, Lets Users Set CPU, RAM Limits

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Opera Launches 'World's First Gaming Browser', Lets Users Set CPU, RAM Limits


Opera Software has launched a customized version of its Opera Web browser which it calls the ‘world’s first gaming browser’. Called Opera GX, the new Web browser is targeted at gamers and other users who would want to customize their PC experience. Opera GX is now available on Windows in an early access version. Opera GX includes all the features found in the main Opera Web browser apart from a bunch of new features.

Opera GX allows users to set limits on CPU and RAM usage via a panel built right inside the browser. Web browsers are notorious for consuming excessive system resources. Opera GX will let users set hard limits on system resources, making lives easier for some users. The browser will also display how much CPU and RAM resources are currently being used.

Apart from this, Opera GX also comes with a bunch of other interesting gaming-centric features. The new tab screen on Opera GX will feature gaming deals and news from the gaming, technology, and entertainment categories. Opera GX also comes with Twitch integration, letting users quickly access their Twitch subscriptions.

Opera GX includes the standard Opera browser features such as free VPN, ad blocker, and pop-out access for Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and WhatsApp. The browser also comes with an array of sound and lighting effects. By default, the browser comes in black colour with a red accent.

In essence, Opera GX is simply the regular desktop Opera web browser, coupled with a bunch of new and useful features. There’s no official word on when Opera GX will ship for non-Windows devices. As of now, it’s available in a preview version on Windows in case you want to give it a shot.