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Easy Ways to Support Veterans

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The men and women who fought to keep our country safe and free deserve the nation’s continual gratitude and support. Former members of any branch of the military often face challenges when they return to the civilian world. It’s important for everyone to help show ongoing support of these incredibly brave and strong individuals.

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If you’re wondering how you can help, there are more ways than you think. Here are some excellent examples of how you can help and stand in unity with veterans.

Patriotic Clothing

Stars and stripes aren’t just for the Fourth of July – you can wear your pride on your sleeve any day of the year. Check out veteran-owned clothing retailers like Warhead Clothing and you know that you are buying quality, American-made items which also demonstrate your appreciation for all of their sacrifices. Shopping regularly at veteran-owned businesses provides them ongoing income and opportunities for growth. Tell your friends how much you love the items to maximize the difference you make!

Keep Them Fed

There are many food pantries to help the hungry, and it’s no difference for veterans. You can volunteer at a pantry, provide food in person, or even donate via Amazon Smile. Wonderful organizations dedicated to making sure our country’s veterans don’t go hungry can be lifelines for them.

Provide Transport

You can volunteer to drive a van with DAV and help veterans get the medical care they need. Reaching their appointments can often be an issue for veterans, especially disabled veterans, so this is a wonderful service that is free of charge and makes a huge impact.

American heroes cannot be thanked enough – but that’s no reason not to try. A small gesture of thanks can go a long way. Be it a purchase from their post-military business endeavor or a lift to a crucial doctor’s appointment, you can help veterans regularly