How Do You Know If You Need a Crown?

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The best way to keep your teeth healthy and strong is to make regularly scheduled visits to your dentist. But what if at your next appointment you’re told you have a cavity? One treatment your dentist may offer you is a crown (also known as a cap). A crown may sound more daunting than a commonplace filling, but it needn’t. Here are some frequently asked questions about crowns that will help you to understand what they areImage result for How Do You Know If You Need a Crown? a bit better.


When Are You Likely to Need a Crown?

Crowns have many uses. Your dentist Parkland FL may opt to fit a crown for several reasons: to secure a dental bridge, to restore a tooth that has worn down or broken (or to protect a tooth that is at risk of doing so), to cover severe tooth decay, or to create a more attractive smile by covering discolored or misshapen teeth.

What Is the Difference Between a Crown and a Filling?

A filling is a material used to fill the hole left behind when your tooth is cleared of decayed material. You can get gold, amalgam (silver), porcelain, and resin fillings. Many people opt for porcelain and resin fillings as they are matched to your tooth color and barely noticeable.

A crown is a small ceramic or porcelain tooth-shaped cap that sits directly over a tooth to reshape it so that it resembles your original bite. Crowns also come in a variety of materials including stainless steel, gold, silver, porcelain, and a combination of both.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Crown?

If your tooth is already in an advanced state of decay or broken, a crown offers greater protection than a filling. It strengthens your original tooth, which a filling is unable to do.

If you have a cavity but aren’t sure whether you’ll need a crown or a filling, don’t postpone a visit to your dentist. They’ll talk you through your options and the best treatment solution for you.