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Gifts for Pet Owners

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Gift giving isn’t always the easiest activity. Luckily, if the person being celebrated is a pet owner, there are lots of fun ways to make an event special not just for them but for their furry friend as well. From cat toys to dog gift baskets, check out some of these fun gift ideas for pet owners.

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Pet owners can attest that there are never too many toys. Cats instinctively love things to bat, swat or catch with their paws, so yarn balls, pretend mice, and feathers on strings are classics. Take it up a notch by gifting a cat owner a catnip yarn ball for an even more fun playtime. For dog owners, the opportunities are endless. Whether the pet likes to play fetch, rip apart a softer toy, or gnaw away at a bone for days on end, there’s truly something for every dog on the market.


Another adorable idea comes in the form of personalized accessories. Collars with the cat or dog’s name or the owners initials are a cute gift, as are tags engraved with special messages or icons. While some pets don’t love sweaters or costumes, there are some truly fun ways to dress up for both the pet and the owner — matching outfits are a whimsical gift for the right person. Leashes, food bowls, beds and carriers can all be personalized in a way that shows someone the level of care and attention they deserve.


Lastly, pet owners will have already set up regiments for their furry friends, and routines are certainly grounded in place when it comes to meal time. However, special treats can be personalized, too. One cute gift idea is to bundle homemade treats with a baking tray. That way, the pet owner has inspiration, and can also use the tray for a long time going forward. With so many great options, it’s possible to find something for everyone.