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Call of Duty: Mobile Controller Support Being Tested, Activision Says

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Call of Duty: Mobile Controller Support Being Tested, Activision Says

Call of Duty: Mobile has crossed 100 million downloads since it launched

  • Call of Duty: Mobile controller support is being worked on
  • There’s no ETA on when this will be released though
  • Call of Duty: Mobile saw over 35 million downloads in the first few days

Call of Duty: Mobile launched on October 1 on Android and iOS and since then, managed to garner a 100 million downloads in a week as per Sensor Tower, far outpacing its rivals PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and Apex Legends. Soon after its launch however, publisher Activision and developer Tencent Games removed support for controllers, which caused an outrage among gamers. Now, Activision has released an official statement saying it is testing controller support and will be adding it back soon. Based on feedback from the gaming community, Activision also said it’s working on features such as more login options, the ability to report cheaters and performance improvements in an upcoming update, but hasn’t given any timeline as to when we’ll actually get it.

The company tweeted about the news through the Call of Duty: Mobile’s official handle (@PlayCODMobile) with a link to a Reddit page which has more details about the update. Adding back controller supports seems to be one of the top priorities for Activision and Tencent Games. The post read,” We hear you loud and clear that you want to know about controller support. We are currently testing controller support and looking at the possibility of offering this feature sometime in the future, but we’d have to make sure it is properly implemented and balanced. Just hang tight.”