Watch: 139 New Cases Of Coronavirus Reported In China- Know How The Disease Spreads And What You Can Do To Prevent It

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Coronavirus in China: Chinese Authorities have reported 139 new cases of the mysterious virus in two days. This is the first time an infection has been confirmed in the country outside of Wuhan city. Officials in China and the World Health Organization (WHO) concluded that the infection is coronavirus after analysing viral samples taken from patients. Coronaviruses are referred to a broad family of viruses but only six of them were known for infecting people, so far. Now this is the seventh coronavirus that has been discovered.

The virus cause symptoms similar to common cold. The coronavirus which killed 774 out of 8,098 people infected in the outbreak that started in China in 2002, was severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Genetic code of the new virus shows that the virus is more closely related to SARS than any other human coronavirus.


Coronavirus causes symptoms similar to common cold
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New cases of the virus were identified in cities of Shenzhen, Beijing and Wuhan. Three have died from the respiratory illness and while the number of cases is now over 200.

According to the WHO, the number of cases of coronavirus rose because “increased searching and testing”. First strain of the new coronavirus appeared in December in Wuhan. This has already spread in Thailand (two cases) and Japan (one case).

Experts in the UK said that the number of people infected could be far greater than the official figures, BBC reported. WHO said that increase in searching and testing of the virus in people sick with respiratory illness has led to the increase in number of confirmed cases.