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A Brief Overview of Theosophy: The Intellectual Religion

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Getting in touch with your spiritual side is important in maintaining your spiritual health. Individuals hold many different beliefs about the spiritual world, and many ideas have sprung up over the years about how to reach spiritual self-actualization. The religion of Theosophy is one that attempts to explain the supernatural side of the universe.

The Essentials of Theosophy | Theosophical Society

Theosophic Beliefs

Theosophists do not share a single doctrine or set of beliefs. Instead, they encourage free-thinking within their community and they want people to try to answer the tough questions about the universe, such as the supernatural phenomena that seem to happen in it. Some theosophists believe in Eastern concepts, such as Karma and reincarnation, others believe in supernatural natural healing methods, such as pendulum dowsing Temecula, and others are skeptical of those things. The only belief that unites them is the belief that the world should exist as a supportive brotherhood and that the pursuit of knowledge is important.

Supernatural Beliefs

One of the most interesting beliefs that some theosophists hold is about the Akashic Records. One common theosophic belief is that everything in the universe exists in cycles, which is why belief in reincarnation is so common. The Akashic Records are supposedly a set of records detailing everything that ever has happened and will ever happen in human history. They are able to contain the secrets to the future because the universe exists in a cycle, so everything that will ever happen has already happened in a different incarnation of the universe.

Theosophy is a very small religion that began in the nineteenth century, but it is one of the most intellectually honest and interesting religions there is. Even simply learning about theosophy without labeling yourself one is enough to open your eyes to a whole new world of religious beliefs that you wouldn’t have known existed otherwise.